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ADCC Trailer

The following Video shows a trailer from ADCC Brazil

ADCC Germany 18.09.2010 in Bedburg

Home of ADCC-Germany

Welcome at the website of ADCC-Germany, the official german representation of the famous Abu Dhabi Combat Club!


The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) established the first invitational tournaments of submission-fighting.

Submission fighting means a wrestling based match between two fighters of the same weightclass fighting to make the oponent tapout, by using submitting jointlocks and chokes.

In the last years the invitational tournament of the ADCC turned into a structured competition, with worldwide trials and qualification tournaments for the ADCC world championships taking place every two years.

ADCC-Germany organizes official trials for the German ADCC Championships. Winners will be qualified for the European Trials.

On our websites we will inform you about the german ADCC Szene, our competitors and our events.

Feel free to send emails to if you have any questions about our events.